Give Your Lips a Scrub!

October 08, 2015

 Give Your Lips a Scrub

You've got face scrubs, body scrubs, hand scrubs, foot scrubs, and scrubs for every other part of your body... Hair scrubs also have, and YES! Lip scrubs, too! But did you know lip scrubs are one of the most underrated beauty products ever? Here's why:

  1. Virtually no one talks about them.
  2. Not many brands have them.
  3. Very few know about the benefits a lip scrub brings.

So if you've never given your lips a good scrub, you've probably got loads of dead skin camping on the surface of your lips and face the following:

  1. Your lips are constantly dry.
  2. They peel.
  3. Your lipsticks, creams, and glosses apply unevenly. Especially for matte lipsticks or lip creams where colours can appear cracked, patchy, and cake-y.
  4. Your lip balms seem useless.

Speaking about benefits, here's what exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub can do for you:

  1. By sloughing away dead skin on the surface, your lips become softer & smoother.
  2. With a smoother, more even surface, your lipstick, lip creams, and glosses apply easier, more evenly, last longer, and most importantly, look PERFECT!
  3. Also, with all that dead skin gone, your lips will better absorb all the nourishing stuff from a good tube of lip balm, and you'll have that perfect, healthy pair of lips in no time!

We hope that's enough reason for you to start scrubbing your lips, but wait! "Scrub with what?", you say. Easy! Here're 2 ways:

  1. Got a toothbrush? Use it to gently brush your lips after rinsing them with warm water. It won't be that thorough of a scrub, though.
  2. Use a lip scrub. These scrubs are made mainly made of sugar, oils, natural butters, and a touch of honey. They can be hard to come by, and big brands tend to charge an arm and a leg for a small jar.
  3. If you've got spare time, you can make your own! Look out for our next post to learn how to make your very own lip scrub!

Don't forget to check out our Black Tea Lip Scrub that's filled with antioxidants and moisturizing essential oils to really nourish your lips on top of giving them a good scrub! =)

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