Top 5 Lipstick Mistakes

October 21, 2015

Top 5 Lipstick Mistakes

Eh! You want your lipstick to look perfect, right? Then avoid these 5 lipstick mistakes:

1. Not Using a Lip Liner

If you've never used a lip liner before your lipstick, it's time you did! It makes a world of difference. For one, it prevents your lipstick from bleeding out the lines of your lips, and if you apply it all over your lips, it gives your lipstick something to stick to, making them last longer. Another pro tip, use a lip liner that's just a tinge darker than your lipstick to add dimension to your lips. Need a lip liner? We've got Australis ones for $5.90.

2. Using The Wrong Shade

Lipsticks have undertones, too, and if you don't match your lipstick with your skin's undertone, you won't look as flattering. If you're wondering what your undertone is, here are 3 ways to find out. And if you're looking for shades to match your undertone, see this post.

3. Wearing a Shade That Doesn't Suit Your Shape

"Whut? Suit my shape? What shape?" The shape of your lips, lah! Keep this in mind; dark shades make your lips look thinner, while lighter ones give your lips a fuller appearance. So! if you've got thin lips, try not to use darker shades. Opposite applies to those with fuller lips.

4. Using Too Much Gloss

Using a lip gloss on top of your lipstick for added shine? Use sparingly, please. Just applying a dab on the center of your lips is enough. Apply too much, and your gloss might just ruin your lipstick.

5. Not Priming Your Lips

Super important, but highly neglected! Priming your lips will give your lipstick a smooth surface to adhere to, meaning more even colour distribution for that PERFECT, FLAWLESS pair of lips! You know, like those you see on Instagram? This is especially true for matte formulas like creams. Remember, prime BEFORE using a lip liner. You can find lip primers in Sephora, but from our experience, lip balms do the job just fine and costs a fraction! Reena's favourite is Hurraw's Black Cherry Lip Balm. Just one last tip, if your lips are dry, chapped, and cracked, no primer is gonna save you. You'll have to get rid of uneven layers of dead, flakey skin by exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub or toothbrush, and fix them up with a lip balm first. Don't know how a lip scrub can help? Check out the benefits of using a lip scrub!

There you have it; avoid those 5 mistakes and you're well on your way to flawless-looking lips!

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