Cosmoprof Asia 2015 - Day 1

November 12, 2015

Cosmoprof Asia Day 1

We've never had this much fun in a long time - imagine 5 whole levels of cosmetics and other beauty essentials... Just imagine that! Although we barely covered 1 level today, we still managed to try a load of lip cream formulations and had discussions with a handful of manufactures who made the cut! There was one whose formula we literally fell in love with; it glided on smoothly, and once dry, IT DOESN'T BUDGE! Seriously, we've tried splashing it with water but it still doesn't come off. It supposedly won't come off unless you use a specially formulated remover. Well, we're putting it to the test now. See these swatches on my hand?

Lip Cream Swatches

I'll be taking a shower with this later with soap and all of course, and see how it fairs. If it still stays, we'll have to pay a visit to the manufacturer again tmr to have it removed, haha!

Look! NYX is here!

NYX at Cosmoprof Asia 2015

There's free stuff, too! C'mon, lah... Shaune and I are Singaporeans and we love free stuff! How would you like a free bottle of fragrance customised to suit your personality? That's what we got! And the packaging's kinda neat, too!

Free Fragrance

After being so kanchiong about collecting our free fragrance, we went for a talk focused on the coming trends of all-natural cosmetics/beauty products in Asia. It was very insightful talk!

All Natural Cosmetics Speech

Overall, our day one experience was swell, and we cannot wait to continue exploring Cosmoprof tmr! Make sure you check back here for updates on day 2, and follow us on Instagram to see what we're seeing at Cosmoprof Asia 2015! Cheers! =)

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