Cosmoprof Asia 2015 - Day 2

November 13, 2015

Cosmoprof Asia 2015 - Day 2

Hi ladies, and the occasional guy! So sorry we're only updating our blog past midnight; had a seriously long day today, but definitely a fruitful one! If you followed us in Instagram, you've probably seen us hunting around for samples (Haha, very Singaporean right?). Check this out - make a suggested donation of HK$100, and get a box of 7 samples:

Sample Donation Cosmoprof Asia 2015

There was quite a nice selection of products to choose from; dual-ended fibre mascara, baby balm, colour correctors, and a gel mask just to name a few.

There's this, too! A mascara that hides an eyeliner in the applicator! Proper cool!

Mascara mode:

2-in-1 Mascara Eyeliner - Mascara

Twist the bottom, and you get eyeliner mode:

2-in-1 Mascara Eyeliner - Eyeliner
Look! Reena's having a tough time picking her 3 samples:

Reena Choosing Samples

Finally, after much thought and stress, she finally filled her box!

Reena Got Her Samples

Shaune got a box, too, but he's weird, and stuffed it full of stuff he doesn't even use; we're talking 2 mascaras, a lipstick, baby balm, some snail thing, a blue colour corrector, and a gel mask.

Shaune's Sample Loot

With that done, we continued scouting for manufacturers for our first line of Pucker products. The quality of the manufacturers attending Cosmoprof is seriously in the leagues of the big players and we got to play with new formulas of liquids, powders, creams, and what have you. You'll probably see and experience these new formulas some time next year when the mainstream drug store brands adopt them; think liquid eyeliners that dry instantly, contour palettes that apply like a rich cream but finish off light and airy so you don't have to apply finishing powder over your contoured face, and liquid lipstick formulas that literally last all day! Remember that test we did in our last blog post? Well, here's the result:

Initial application:

Lip Cream Swatch Initial

Roughly 36 hours later:

Lip Cream Swatch 36 Hours Later

It's been more than 24 hours... In fact, it's bordering on 36 hours and look at the 3 swatches from the bottom; they're still there! And that's from taking 3 showers (soap & shampoo), carrying bags for hours, sleeping with it, washing hands (with soap), etc. We think this is amazing! The other swatches were done this afternoon and have been there for roughly 12 hours. Pretty spectacular, too!

So that's day 2, and you already know what we're gonna say next... We can't wait for day 3, the last day! We hope to settle on a manufacturer by tmr, but that's not an easy task since finding the best ones can be kinda tricky; they're all very secretive, and rightly so, looking at how competitive the cosmetics industry is. Check back tmr for updates! ;) Cheers!

On to Day 3 >

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