Deliveries Before Xmas

Will I receive my goodies by xmas?

If you choose to go with normal or registered mail, we'll pass your goodies to Singpost as fast as we can, and from there, it really depends how quickly Singpost gets your package dispatched. In other words, we can't guarantee your package reaches you before Xmas if you choose those 2 shipping methods.

For urgent packages, we recommend you opt for doorstep delivery. We'll be in Santa mode all the way till Wednesday (maybe Thursday if there're lots more orders left to fulfill).

What Time Should I Expect Delivery?

Phew! We're working overtime here! Deliveries start at 9pm, and run all the way till 3am, sometimes later. Because there're so many presents to deliver, we apologise, and ask for your kind understanding if you don't get your preferred time slot.