Doorstep Deliveries

What's the deal with doorstep deliveries, you ask? Why pick this over registered mail?

Well, your package will reach you faster, it won't ever get lost in transit (because it'll be with us every step of the way), and we get to meet YOU, our awesome customer!

Yes, we know it costs a tad more than registered mail, but that goes purely towards the ridiculously high petrol prices (pfft!)

Here are a couple things to note about doorstep deliveries:

  1. Its FREE with minimum purchase of S$100.
  2. Your item will reach you after 9PM.
  3. Deliveries run till late in the night. Sometimes past 3am.
  4. If you're not a night owl, and will be asleep, let us know of a safe place we can drop your item. Otherwise, we'll arrange another day with you for delivery.

Got a question? Drop it at

Happy shopping!